• You will contribute 9.3% of your standard stipend to become a member of the Scheme. This means for every £100 of standard stipend, you will contribute £9.30. This shows as "Ministers Pension" on your payslip.
  • Members' contributions (including Additional Voluntary Contributions or AVCs) are not subject to income tax. Your pension scheme contributions are deducted from stipend before the calculation and deduction of income tax. This means that for every £1 paid into the pension fund is split between 80 pence from the member and 20 pence from the taxman.
  • This is not a completely "free ride" because when the pension comes into payment it is subject to income tax. Basically, the taxman only lends the money when the contribution is made then takes it back when the pension becomes payable. 

You will pay £182.60 per month (before tax relief).

Table showing an example of monthly contributions

Standard Stipend £2,071

Contribution of 9.3%
(see your payslip) £182.60

Tax Saving £38.52

Change to
your take home pay £154.08

What does the Church pay?

  • As from 1 September 2013 the Church pays 26.9% of the standard stipend. However, please note that you only benefit from the Church's contribution if you elect to become a member.