Getting your Building down to Net Zero

In response to the climate change emergency, a set of practical steps and recommendations have been created with the aim of helping churches reduce their energy use and associated carbon emissions.  We are aware that this can be a daunting task and thus have divided up the guidance into bitesize steps. 

The guidance is there to offer ideas and help churches plan on how to reduce their energy consumption.  A church can work through these steps at their own pace and Step 4 may not be feasible for every church.  But as more churches work on reducing their energy use, it will cumulatively make a difference in the right direction.  

If you are planning to property project, you may wish to refer the general core guidance for the Property Development Pathways and specifically, the guidance for Net Zero Carbon pathway.  

A managing trustee from Baildon Methodist Church in Bradford tells the story of how their church got down to net carbon zero and you can read the full story by clicking through each step.  

Baildon is an obscure moorside village on the edge of Bradford.  We are a church of 170 members and active church participants, together with 1200 community users each week.  We are not in the poorest area of Bradford; nor are we the richest.  Our campaign took 15 years to complete and we urge the whole Connexion to take action in order work towards net zero by 2030.