Step 4 - Review and Decide - Conservation & Listed Buildings


The general Review guidance in Step 4 applies equally to our Historic Places of Worship, but we wish to emphasise the importance of community consultation and your scheme, as it’s a fundamental part of your scheme review and development. Information on when and how to consult with stakeholders is available in other parts of this Pathway series, but it’s important to add that this should play an important role in the process at all stages, from mission planning, through the concept development and as part of this review.  This will ensure that your changes are relevant, and essential and that the local community takes ownership of your scheme.

Empowering Design has resources on how to consult with your community, including how churches can develop the abilities, strategies and tools to engage other people, community groups, or organisations in co-creating value for their initiatives see here: 

The review stage is fundamental to the success of your scheme and its common to find that consultation has produced a number of solutions and challenges, including how to find a balance between the needs for worship, income generation and secular and community groups. Now is the best time to consider all options and work out which solution feels to solve the problem and is the most feasible. One solution may stand out above all the others put forward but this may not necessarily be the best option. For further tips to consider take a look at Chapter 5 of the Crossing the Threshold.

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