This section contains links to lots of resources for further individual learning about a wide range of topics.  All of them have been recommended to the Methodist Church by people with experience in the relevant field.  Not all of these external resources will always share a Methodist ethos or theology.  However, that does not mean we cannot learn more about equality, diversity and inclusion issues from reading these resources, and then apply that learning within church life, to better ensure justice, dignity and solidarity within our fellowship.

This video from the Learning Network gives guidance on Critical Thinking and how we can help ourselves to learn, even when we are considering resources that contain things that make us uncomfortable, or with which we disagree theologically: https://youtu.be/pBYp8Ke8YmU

If you find anything in these resources that you consider inappropriate, please reflect on what learning you can take from the resource and why other Methodists might have recommended it.  Please also contact Equality&diversity@methodistchurch.org.uk to report the resource so it can be reviewed and removed from this list if necessary.


All are welcome: All are welcome – Jules P Richards
Graphics created by Jules P Richards on the theme of ‘Love your neighbour’


Amazing Grace: A reflection on the JDS Strategy


Conversation with a church: https://youtu.be/AQttRloz2B0
A conversation about the Strategy for Justice, Dignity and Solidarity with members of a Methodist Church


Demeaning terms cut from NRSV: 
Article on the publishing of a new edition of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible which rewords text to remove terms that are demeaning

Diversity dice: Diversity Dice – Frontier Youth Trust (fyt.org.uk)
A resource to facilitate conversations about diversity from Frontier Youth Trust & Q Space


Diversity Wheel: A graphic depicting the layers of our diverse personalities


Gathering Thoughts: gathering thoughts – thoughts about 'gathering' -and gathering my thoughts – on inclusion, God, and life in general (home.blog)
Blog on inclusion, God and life


God is not a white man: Micah Lecture 2021: Micah Lecture 2021 - Chine McDonald: God is Not a White Man - YouTube
Lecture by Chine McDonald on some of the themes from her book ‘God is not a white man: and other revelations’


Good News to share: Good News to Share - YouTube
A video from the Methodist Church in which diverse Methodists share their perspective of the good news and goodness of God


Guide to Allyship: The Guide to Allyship
A starter guide on becoming a more thoughtful and effective ally


Human Library: Unjudge someone - The Human Library Organization
A learning platform to create a safe space for personal conversations to challenge stigma and stereotypes


Inclusive Church: Inclusive Church (inclusive-church.org)
A network of churches, groups and individuals uniting around a shared vision of a church which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate


Inclusive new story: Idaho church replaces stained glass window with image of first black female Methodist bishop | Daily Mail Online
Newspaper article on the replacement of stained glass windows in a church in Idaho


Schwartz Center: Schwartz Rounds - The Schwartz Center
Supporting healthcare professionals with resources to help them care for their patients


Things not to say: Things Not To Say To... - YouTube
BBC Three’s ‘Things not to say’ video series that sets the record straight on cringeworthy questions people say



General EDI Resources: Suggested Reading

Conversation, Risk and Conversion: Conversation, Risk, and Conversion: The Inner and Public Life of Small Christian Communities by Michael A Cowan, Bernard J Lee - Alibris UK
A book on the inner and public life of Christian communities


Embracing Justice: Embracing Justice - Isabelle Hamley - SPCK Publishing
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 2022, asking what a spirituality shaped by Biblical portrayals of justice might look like


God is not a white man: God Is Not a White Man — Chine McDonald
Book by Chine McDonald on her experience as a Black woman in a white-majority church where God is often presented as male and white


Panda’s Puzzle: Panda by Michael Foreman
An illustrated book about a panda who goes of a voyage of self-discovery to understand his identity


The Power of Difference: The Power of Difference by Simon Fanshawe
Book with practical solutions to the complexities of diversity and inclusion


Theologies and Practices of Inclusion: Theologies and Practices of Inclusion Insights From a Faith-based Relief, Development and Advocacy Organization by Nina Kurlberg, Madleina Daehnhardt - Paperback / softback - 9780334060574 (hymnsam.co.uk)
Book with insights from a faith-based relief, development and advocacy organisation