A First Move in Ministry? – for those in years 4&5 of Ministry

A First Move in Ministry? is a fully funded, 2 part, reflection and conversation space to Ministers considering a move or re-invitation for the first time. The first gathering comes in the spring of a ministers fourth year in ministry, at the point where decisions are being made about whether to seek a re-invitation or to enter stationing, and the second in the spring of their fifth year, once it is clear what the next few years hold. This is the point at which ministers engage for the first time with the stationing process, and where they experience for the first time the pressures of ‘saying goodbye’ to churches and a circuit who have held them through probation and rejoiced with them at their ordination.

The space is structured around facilitated small group conversation & peer review and of course includes time for personal reflection and worship. The aim is to provide time and space for ministers to reflect on their experiences in their present situation and to consider their aspirations for the future. 

Circuits have been asked to encourage Ministers affected to get involved as indicated in the Code of Practice for stationing and this is a very strongly recommended event for anyone in this phase of ministry. You may value a conversation with your District Chair who will of course be aware that such an event is happening. 

If you, have any other questions about A First Move in Ministry? please contact Jane Bingham   binghamj@methodistchurch.org.uk or on 07799 900487. 

This programme will be available again in two parts across 2024 & 2025 and Ministers are expected to attend both sets of dates regardless of the choices made. 

Each stage lasts three days (two nights).

Part 1 will be held at Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire         20-22 February 2024

Part 2 will be held at                                        Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire         11-13 March 2025  

(Participants must have both elements in their diary and costs of last minute non-attendance may be born by the minister). 

A First Move in Ministry? Bookings will be managed through Eventbrite and bookings are open to specific ministers. The link is here.

Comments from previous participants

“All very helpful! Continue all that you have been doing! Group sessions – great! Cell group sessions – great! Creative worship – great! Information sessions – great!”

“Overall this was an excellent retreat. Please keep going with the wonderful worship, the small groups and the opportunities for reflection and the tools for reflection. Also the session on how the stationing process works”

This work has been made possible by generous funding from Benefact Trust