Step 5 - Plan Your Project - Conservation & Listed Buildings


The generic advice in Step 5 applies to Historic and Non-Historic Places of Worship alike. However, it is important to remember that, during the project planning stage, a collaborative and constant dialogue with the Connexional Conservation Officer should be maintained in case queries on the plans or project phasing arise. In general, however, all tips in the Crossing the Threshold Series on the topic of Project Planning should be followed.

Please also note that The National Churches Trust has a very useful section on their website on managing building projects and The Churchbuild website, set up by Archangel Architects, provides a very helpful framework and practical information on developing and managing a building project.

It is also important to remember in the planning and timetabling of any project the need to factor in any Bat mitigation works:  photographic recording or archaeological investigations and the time it will take to do this. Read through the guidance on photographic recording  for further information on where to deposit such records.

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