Being supervised


The process of supervision involves a structured journey, over a period of 1.5 hours six times a year.  The process goes through a number of phases. 

  • Hosting and Containing
  • Eliciting and Focusing
  • Exploring and Reflecting
  • Bridging and Enacting
  • Reviewing and Closing
  • Tracking and Evaluating

Supervisors are trained using the Greenwich Foot Tunnel Model which guides these elements of the supervision process. The model and process should be shared with the supervisee either at the initial supervision meeting when the Covenant is made or at a district/regional briefing event.  Details of such events should be available from your Regional Learning Network Coordinator

A supervisee needs to be fully present at supervision.  To enable this we have produced a role descriptor.

Please see the FAQs about supervision for more details.

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