Phishing Scams

Organised crime groups have initiated several large scale phishing campaigns in recent days.

The phishing emails spoof a number of high profile brands including, banks, mobile telephone networks, logistics companies and Government departments.

The emails attempt to trick you in to clicking on links or opening attachments that can potentially infect your device with malware.

You should accordingly exercise extreme caution with all unsolicited and unexpected emails, do not interact with the content of such messages without taking steps to confirm they are genuine, e.g. contacting the alleged sender by telephone on a number you know and trust.

[This message was identified as a phishing scam.  Learn about phishing scams at http://aka.msLearnAboutPhishing]

Hey friend,

I left you a message on your voice mail, have you listened to it already?  If not, here is the link http://pouring.completethe chain.com

Cold Call Pension Scams

People are receiving calls from individuals claiming to be from British Telecom (or BT Open Reach).

The caller claims that there is a technical problem with your router or related equipment.

The customer is asked to download software such as TeamViewer, which allows the caller to take control of your computer remotely. This is supposedly to help with the diagnosis of the problem.

People are subsequently asked to log-on to their Internet banking and pay a small fee to BT to cover the cost of the technical support.

However, the fraudster will then use TeamViewer to take control of the session, create additional payments, and trick you into disclosing smartcard codes to authorise the transactions.

You should be suspicious of any unsolicited calls from individuals claiming to represent BT.

Do not follow any instructions from the caller such as installing software, visiting a website or initiating an Internet banking session.

Furthermore, you should not allow the caller to remotely take control of your computer.

If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a call, then terminate it.

Look up BT contact numbers from their website or correspondence such as a recent telephone bill, and seek their advice as to whether the call you received was genuine.

Please be aware of and disregard scam calls from 01293 485621(although there are probably other numbers) claiming to be The Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme.  We would not ask you for any bank account details over the telephone.

Pension Liberation Scams

The Pensions Regulator is becoming increasingly concerned about the operation of these fraudulent arrangements. The Pensions Regulator has published the following guidance for pension scheme members on its website.

Cold Call Pension Scams

The following is an extract of a news item found on the Professional Pensions website on Friday, 30 November 2012. For further details please click on this link.