Purpose: An online space to think about the connection between social justice and evangelism.

Why: To develop our commitment to be a growing, evangelistic, justice-seeking, inclusive Church of gospel people, who speak of, listen for, and live out the goodness of God so that more people become disciples of Jesus Christ, and already committed Methodists experience a deepening of their faith.

Who: Open to anyone who wants to listen, learn, and share in conversation with others.

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Finding Jesus on the streets, 10 June 2024, 7pm

Street Pastors

Last year, Street Pastors - an international, ecumenical initiative supporting volunteers to go out onto the streets to listen, care, and help anybody in need - turned 20 years old. At this webinar we're joined by Bejoy Patel, the CEO of the initiative's parent charity, the Ascension Trust, to share the lessons learned. Whether you've been a Street Pastor for a decade, or you've never heard about it before, this webinar is for anyone interested in exploring the most sustainable and impactful ways to do mission. God invites all of us to join in with the work of Kingdom building in our local communities, what does that mean for us? Come along and hear stories, share stories, and explore how 'love in action' is at the intersection of justice work and evangelism. Book your ticket.

Future dates: tbc

A reflection on Social Justice: Love is the same in every language.

Resources to explore:

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Read the most recent research on the impact of UK poverty from Life on the Breadline 

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