At ordination, ministers undertake that they will seek, throughout their ministry, to equip, renew and resource themselves continually. This is both to enable them to respond to the demands of their work with insight and creativity, and also to offer space, time and input which might help in their own vocational journey by facilitating rest, personal discovery, time with God, and the acquisition of new perspectives and the development of under-used gifts.

The Connexion strives to offer resources for this lifelong process in a variety of ways. One is through deepening our partnerships with a variety of institutions offering theological, spiritual, pastoral and liturgical courses. In some cases, you may wish to pursue a full accredited award, such as an MA or PhD. There is some information about accessing grants towards such courses here.

Most, however, will simply want to take a stand-alone course or study day. This page offers links to a variety of resources and places where we have particular connections. Financial help towards attending these courses as part of ministerial development is available through many districts and circuits.

Firstly, there are our two Network Centres, at Cliff College and The Queen’s Foundation, which offer a range of opportunities, both for further theological study and shorter courses. The Cliff short courses can be especially helpful in offering brief immersion experiences into various aspects of ministry and spirituality.

The Learning Network offer a range of CDiM opportunities throughout the year. There will be bespoke opportunities in your District as well as these Connexional opportunities.

In addition, we maintain links with some other Methodist and Methodist-related institutions. These are also places where ministers can explore opportunities for CDiM.

Finally, there are other organisations, with which we are involved, and whose work may be of interest to ministers seeking lifelong formation and continuing development.