Bible study materials

ministry-bible-studyA three-part bible study on 1 Peter and the theme of ministry

These bible study materials have been prepared by Prof Judith Lieu on behalf of the Ministry in the Methodist Church working party.

The draft statement brought to the 2018 Methodist Conference on Ministry in the Methodist Church starts from the ministry of the whole people of God. This bible study is an invitation to think why we might start there and to explore how our ministry, whatever form it may take, is rooted in the God who calls us.

The bible study is arranged for use as three separate sessions to give time for discussion and questions. It would be difficult to use one session without the others although leaders might be able to find ways of combining material if less time is available.

Please find below an introduction, the three bible studies, and an optional set of PowerPoint slides, for projection or printing off. Some of the passages we are studying, and tables used, are also provided in a separate document for printing. You will probably not need both the slides and the ‘accompanying texts’ printout.

Introduction (Pdf)

Bible Study Part 1 (Pdf)

Bible Study Part 2 (Pdf)

Bible Study Part 3 (Pdf)

Accompanying Texts (Pdf)

Slides (Pptx)