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Chair's Statement

There is a requirement for most trust-based Defined Contribution (DC) schemes to produce an annual Chair’s Statement.  MMPS is a Defined Benefit Scheme, which includes a Long Service Award.  These contributions in the main are invested on a DC basis as long service contributions which are non-Additional Voluntary Contribution DC benefits.  This effectively makes this a DC Section within the Scheme and as such, it is a requirement of law that the Trustee produce an Annual Chair’s Statement.  The current Chair's Statement is here:

Chair's Statement (17/02/2020)

Member Nominated Director - VACANCY (01/09/2020)

A vacancy on the Trustee Board had become available for a Member Nominated Director.  Applications were sought and additional information can be found in the document below.  A postal voting ballot was carried out and the position was successfully filled by Revd. Sydney Samuel Lake.

MND Notice

Statement of Investment Principles (SIPs) 

The Scheme's latest SIPs:

SIPs - 05/03/2020

SIPs - 19/02/2020




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