The guidance below is supplementary for properties that are either a Listed Building or in a Conservation area.  Please refer to the core guidance in the Property Development Pathways in tandem with this specific guidance for historic buildings.  Within the Property Development Pathways, there is a core path, which has a common set of steps, guidance and considerations to follow within every project.  However, there are special considerations for Listed Buildings and/or buildings in a conservation area that are laid out in the Conservation & Listed Buildings pathway.   It is recommended that you seek advice as early as possible from the Connexional Conservation Officer.       

The pathways are designed to be worked through methodically and thus, it is recommended to begin with Step 1 of the Core Pathway followed by Step 1 of the Conservation and Listed Building Pathway.  The first 3 steps involve a large amount of background work, but allowing time for research, preparation and planning will help to ensure a project's success. Click here to view a summary of the 8 core steps.  

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