Ministerial Grants

The Ministerial Grants Administration Team at Methodist Church House deals with all requests for grants to ministers which are available from various funds. TMCP in Manchester also has access to trust funds which may be more appropriate in certain circumstances.

Each application form has related information about the grant. Click to download each application form:

Connexional Travel Grant

Circuit General FSPD Grant Application Form

Educational Needs of Children Trinity Hall Trust  THT 

Methodist Medical Benevolent Fund (formerly Methodist Ministers' Children's Relief Association - MMCRA)

Fund for the Support of Presbyters & Deacons (FSPD) & Methodist Diaconal Order (MDO) General Grant

Fund for the Support of Presbyters & Deacons (FSPD) Gardening Grant

Grant in Lieu of Child Benefit

Health Related Needs - Methodist Medical Benevolent Fund - MMBF

Removals on Retirement (FSPD)


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