Be a travelling companion

travellingcompanionWe are all on the journey together. What does this look like for you?

Think about how you intentionally support people as they grow in faith. This will look different for different people. The Methodist Church's guidence on being an inclusive church may be useful here.

You might play a role in guiding people to stations that will open up new possibilities for them.

Just as you meet God in other people, maybe someone will meet God in you.

Activity: Encourage people to do the personal audit and then share together the home, fear and explore stations. Commit to encouraging one another every time you meet up.

We run events and webinars throughout the year for individuals and church leaders to explore what this means for them, including "Rural and Rooted", a series for rural churches.

“I felt like I had more important things to worry about… But that nudge wasn’t going away… It was the fact that somebody [a Superintendent Minister who I had just met] recognised the call that God had given me….”