Asylum and Immigration Act 2015 (and subsequent amendments)

Under this Act, it is illegal (for an employer) to employ a person if that person does not have the immigration authorisation to work in the UK.  If you knowingly employ an illegal immigrant you may be subject to an unlimited fine and/or more serious action. 

Employers are therefore required to exercise due diligence to ensure compliance with the right to work eligibility requirements.  This applies to existing as well as new employees (as some may hold work permits subject to an expiry date).

If you knowingly or unknowingly employ illegal immigrant(s) you may be subject to penalty which includes a fine of £20,000 per illegal employee.

Within the Methodist Church, as with all employers, at recruitment stage applicants must be asked to provide evidence of their right to work in the UK.  In order to confirm a job offer and prior to the start of employment Management must ensure that copies of the relevant documentation  are made and retained on file prior to confirming the employment offer.

Further reading:

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