Leaving a legacy


How can I ensure that I can leave a gift to the Methodist Church in my Will?

Making a will is the only certain way of ensuring that the estate of a person is administered in accordance with their wishes.. As circumstances change, it is necessary to review the terms of a will to reflect the current circumstances and wishes of the benefactor.

Whilst it is possible to make a will using a pre-printed form it is wiser to consult a solicitor who will help to draft the details and guide the choice of the executors. It is worthwhile to do some careful thinking and planning before visiting a solicitor.

In making a will, many members and friends of the Methodist church will want to consider a bequest to the Church. Such gifts may be for the local church, or a particular purpose of it or alternatively for one of the national Funds of Methodism supporting work done in the name of the whole Church.

Methodism has made special arrangements for making and receiving bequests and special wordings have been prepared. One of the difficulties of bequests is that a particular purpose or even a local church, may have ceased by the time of the death of the donor.

A bequest on the model trusts of the Methodist Church Act 1976 ensures that the gift will not be lost to Methodism should the original purpose have ceased. It will be used for a purpose as near as possible to that stated in the will.

A specific bequest may be made in favour, for example, of a choir or junior church or a specific Connexional fund. This type of bequest risks failure if the object ceases to exist. One safeguard is to name a secondary beneficiary.

For further information, bequest wordings and copies of Guidelines on Bequests contact:

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