Ministers wishing to be received into Full Connexion: Information and Guidance

Ordained ministers of other conferences and other Christian churches can apply to be received into Full Connexion with the British Methodist Conference (ie to transfer fully and permanently into the Methodist Church in Britain). In most cases applicants for reception into Full Connexion will be already serving in some capacity in the Methodist Church in Britain, usually as Recognised and Regarded.

If you are not currently in active ministry in your home church, it is possible to apply to transfer but please contact ministryoffers@methodistchurch.org.uk first so we can look at your situation with you.

Also if your home church is not a Methodist Church please contact ministryoffers@methodistchurch.org.uk before applying so that we can check your eligibility.

The following are the expectations the British Methodist Church has with ministers in Full Connexion::

  • Privileges and responsibilities.

This normally includes receiving a stipend, manse and pension contributions from the Methodist Church.

  • Available for, and subject to, the discipline of stationing.

All Methodist presbyters and deacons in Full Connexion in the active work are stationed by the Conference to serve in a particular appointment in a Circuit or other body within the control of the Methodist Church, unless given permission either to serve another Church (denomination) or institution, or to study or be without appointment. Personal needs, vocational development and the needs of the Methodist Church both locally and connexionally are taken into account in stationing a particular person to a particular appointment. Appointments are made on the understanding that they are likely to be for a fixed number of years (normally five in the first instance, but with the possibility of extension), but are reviewed and renewed annually.

  • Accountable for their specific conduct and their general vocation through Methodist structures to the British Conference.
  • They may fulfil any and all of the duties of a presbyter or deacon of the British Conference anywhere within the jurisdiction of that Conference (but subject to its discipline). In the case of a presbyter this may include exercising pastoral charge within a Circuit or as Superintendent of a Circuit or in some other role.
  • They must be prepared to baptise infants in appropriate circumstances.