Step 8 - Complete, Handover and Celebrate - Net Zero Carbon


 In terms of sustainability, the areas worth reviewing are your maintenance practice and optimising the energy efficiency measures in line with the current opening hours of your church building.

It is also worth testing that the net zero carbon options were installed correctly.  If there is an issue, there will be a defect period where you can have the issues resolved.  As you reach the end of the project, it is worth persevering through this final step in order to ensure that the building reaches its maximum energy efficiency.

It is recommended to speak with the installer about the optimal settings for usage for any new systems.  Now that a new system is installed, the challenge will be in optimising energy efficiency, which will come down to the day-to-day usage and maintenance.  In addition, it would worth preparing a manual for anyone else who take on the maintenance role after the build is completed.  In the case of larger projects, this will be provided as standard at the end of the contract and are called the O&M manuals.   

It is also recommend to obtain a new EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating in order to ascertain the building's energy performance.  Further information about EPC's can be found here.   

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