Property Consents FAQs


The property consents site can be accessed via the Online Suite of Applications. It allows you to create and progress the following types of property projects (please note that you need to have managing trustee permissions to do so):

  • Repairs and alterations including extensions and demolitions
  • Lettings / sales / purchases / easements
  • Sharing Agreements


The Help & Guidance pages for the consents site have been revised and updated in March 2019 and can be accessed here:

The Guide consists of the following main sections:

  • Basic Principles, which explains how to use the site;
  • Roles & Responsibilities, which shows the differences between user levels and permissions;
  • User Profiles & Permissions, which enables new users to get started;
  • Project Types, which goes through each tab that needs to be completed depending on the project type (such as sale or purchase);
  • Creating Projects, which is especially useful for those who are new to the site;
  • Progressing Projects, which helps users to see how to reach the next stage of a project;
  • Funding & Payments, which lists the fund types and various funding sources, including replacement projects;
  • Reporting & Alerts, which clarifies when alerts are sent and how to create and print reports;
  • Properties, which deals with the property section of the consents site;
  • Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas, which refers to legal requirements and procedures.

The Frequently Asked Questions have also been updated and structured to match the main guidance and include queries such as how to add a project, why a sale or lease project requires a cost to be entered, why some funding sources do not appear on the Payments tab, or how to upload documents. A list of all FAQs can be accessed directly via:

These flowcharts from TMCP show if and when consent is required and how it fits into the bigger picture:


For any website-related queries, contact the Web Applications Team:

For legal and financial information, contact the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (TMCP):

For District-related queries, contact your District Property Secretary or your local Consents Enabler. More information on and for Consents Enablers can be found via this link.

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