Help & Guidance

Essential guidance documents to help you navigate the different sections of the Online Suite of Applications.

  • Getting started: Online Suite Registration and Login guidance

    To access the Methodist Online Suite of Applications, you will need a username and password. This document will help you get started. Latest update: July 2020

  • Getting started: Internet browser and password guidance

    Have a look at this guidance document if you are struggling with how your browser retains your login details. Latest update: July 2020

  • Annual Returns: Guidance

    Guidance on how to complete and submit returns for churches, circuits and districts. Latest update: September 2021 (including sections on accessibility and new features for 2021)

  • Annual Returns: FAQs

    Answers to frequently asked questions about annual returns. Latest update: September 2021

  • Property Consents: Guidance and FAQs

    Outline of consents system, summary of available guidance and contacts.

  • Statistics for Mission: Guidance

    Guidance on how to use the 2023 version of the data entry site. Latest update: September 2021 (including a section on new features for 2021)

  • Statistics for Mission: FAQs

    Answers to frequently asked questions about the statistics collection. Latest update: September 2021

  • Web Profiles: Managing Users

    Guidance for on how to add, edit, authorise and delete web user accounts and permissions for the individual sections of the Online Suite.

  • Web Profiles: Reporting a church merger

    Detailed guidance for reporting the merger of one or more societies. See also: Reporting a change of church status. Latest update: July 2020

  • Web Profiles: Reporting a change of church status

    What to do in case of a society ceasing to meet ("closure"), a society becoming a class of another church, a merger of two or more societies as well as the termination of an LEP. See also: Reporting a church merger. Latest update: September 2021

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