The aim of the Youth Representatives, working in different contexts, is to represent children and young people from across the Connexion (the Methodist Church across the whole of Great Britain - local, regional and national).

The Youth Reps do this is by meeting and consulting with young people so they can truly represent their views and work on their behalf. In addition to this, the Youth Representatives are also a part of the Youth President's advisory group.

The role of the Youth Representatives is continually evolving. You can keep up to date with what the Reps are doing on
Instagram: @3GenReps

Or you can email the Youth Representatives to share your views on the Church and wider issues or invite one of them to visit your event.


Being a Youth Representative is an exciting experience that enables you to make a difference within the Church and grow spiritually and emotionally. It can potentially be life-changing. 
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Wondering if you're called to be a Youth Rep?

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