We have two learning centres: Cliff College in Derbyshire which focusses on mission and evangelism and the training of lay people, and The Queen's Foundation in Birmingham which focusses on training people for ministry and mission roles, including ordained ministry. 

Cliff College, Derbyshirecliff-2-2

Cliff College provides theological education and training with a particular focus on mission and evangelism. Historically, Cliff was a Methodist Lay Training college. Today the student body is both lay and ordained and from a range of denominational backgrounds. 

The College’s defining characteristic has always been training in mission and evangelism and they are at the cutting edge of contemporary missional thinking. In recent years, the College has prioritised evangelism in contemporary culture, pioneer ministry and fresh expressions, evangelical and biblical theology, and mission and ministry among children, young people and the Third Age. They continue to explore new areas, most recently in public theology, the creative arts, family ministry, and sports ministry, and have a growing number of vocational subject areas within our Short Course programme as we seek to develop reflective practitioners. Cliff College recognises the full diversity of theological opinion in these studies.

The Queen's Foundation, Birminghamqueens

The Queen’s Foundation is one of England’s oldest theological colleges, preparing candidates for ordained ministry in the Church of England since the early part of the 19th Century. From 1970 Queen’s pioneered ecumenical training with the Methodist Church as a primary partner. Queen’s was also a pioneer of ecumenical part time training and of having a dedicated research centre.

Queen’s is dedicated to excellence in theological education and personal formation by:

  • Nurturing and equipping Christians in their discipleship;
  • Preparing people for mission and ministry in lay and ordained roles;
  • Resourcing research that serves the mission of God in the world.

Queen's celebrate unity in diversity, in a community that is international, multi-cultural, and ecumenical. They aim to enable Christians to deepen their spiritual life, to grow in a faith that is generous, enquiring, deeply rooted and creative in thought and practice, and to be passionate for God’s work in God’s world.