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About Finance

The Finance Team provide a number of resources to help the church in the effective management of its money.


For treasurers looking for support with their annual accounts you will find templates and guidance documents here Standard form of accounts

 Stipends and Payroll

The Stipends and payroll team operate the Payroll Bureau that can be used by any Methodist body, the payroll for the Connexional Team, and Stipends (ministerial payroll).

 Ministerial Grants

The church has a number of benevolent funds that ministers can apply to for themselves or their dependants. Further information and the application forms can be found here Ministerial Grants


There are a number of Pension arrangements to be aware of. The Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme (MMPS) provides pensions for ministers. The Pension and Assurance Scheme for Lay Employees of the Methodist Church (PASLEMC) is now closed, but pays pensions for Lay Employees of the Connexional Team and a small number of other bodies. Both schemes are administered by the pensions team. The replacement scheme for PASLEMC is provided by Royal London. Information about pensions for lay employees working in churches and circuits can be found in Section 9 of the Lay employment advisory pack

 Gift Aid

We provide a Gift Aid bureau service to make claims to HMRC on behalf of Methodist entities.


Further information on a range of issues can be found at Finance including the annual report and accounts for Connexional Funds, a taxation directory, and information on internet banking.


We produce a periodic newsletter for treasurers and ministers and this can be found on News & Updates.




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