What is the difference between a licence and accreditation?

A licence is given by the local Circuit when a Local Lay-Pastor is appointed to a role and remains in the role (during the probation this is a provisional licence). Accreditation is given by the Connexional Team (Ministries: Vocations and Worship) and affirms that a Local Lay-Pastor has successfully completed the training pathway.

Can I transfer my accreditation to another circuit?

Providing you have continued to complete ongoing training, you are able to transfer your accreditation as a Local Lay-Pastor. Licences are not able to be transferred and must be given by the Circuit you are appointed to.

Do I need to do the core Local Lay-Pastor modules in order?

Cliff College offers the opportunity to take a module per term and so the order that the modules are completed is dictated by when they are offered. They offer the six core modules over a two year period.

When can I join the training programme and commence study at Cliff College?

You can join the training programme at the start of any academic term.

What is the cost of modules at Cliff College for Local Lay-Pastors?

The core Local Lay-Pastor modules are available for £200 per module. This includes a residential for one module per year. A Circuit should budget £600 per year for each Local Lay-Pastor in training. They should also budget for the costs of travel for the Local Lay-Pastor.

What costs does a Circuit need to consider when appointing a Local Lay-Pastor?

On top of any employment costs, a Circuit should consider the cost of training (£200 per module), travel costs to Cliff College if they are to attend study days in person, as well as the usual expenses, technology etc.

How does a Local Lay-Pastor apply for the core modules at Cliff College?

By applying directly on the Foundations for Mission and Ministry programme page at Cliff College.

Can a Local Lay-Pastor lead worship or preach?

Local Lay-Pastors shall not by virtue of the office be authorised to preach or lead worship. However, a Local Lay-Pastor may lead worship or preach if they are a Local Preacher or Worship Leader and have completed the appropriate training.

Can a Local Lay-Pastor preside at the Lord’s Supper or administer baptism?

Local Lay-Pastors shall not by virtue of the office be authorised to preside at the Lord’s Supper or administer baptism.

What do Local Lay-Pastors do?

Local Lay-Pastors are people called to care for, enable, lead and represent a relevant local church or churches. The particular duties are decided by the Circuit. See What is a Local Lay-Pastor? for more information.

I’m interested in being a Local Lay-Pastor, what do I do?

Please see Called to be a Local Lay-Pastor? for more information.

Can a Local Lay-Pastor be accredited using previous learning and experience?

Please see Assessment of Prior Learning and Experience

Are Local Lay-Pastors classed as ministers of religion for tax purposes?
No, Local-Lay Pastors are not classed as ministers of religion and therefore are taxed and treated in the same way as other lay employee roles.