Church stewards are at the heart of the local church. Working as a team with other stewards, presbyters, deacons and probationers, they have responsibilities within the full scope of church life. They rely both on the grace of God and the expertise they have developed in other fields to carry out their roles.

Being a church steward is a ministry in its own right, as a person realises their unique contribution to the leadership of the local church. Therefore, it is a personal vocation and part of an individual’s discipleship – a response to God’s love in Christ - but  lived out in the context of community.

As the church steward serves others, this should enable their own spiritual life to flourish. Being a church steward is part of the ministry of the church.

Over time, the church’s focus and needs will change and so the requirements of the steward’s role will change too. This means that different people will be best suited to the steward’s role at different times in the church’s life.

Church stewards share in the leadership responsbilities of a church, so this means they need to

  • have vision and good planning skills 
  • be caring, supportive, and mindful of others' needs. 

Church stewards work in a voluntary capacity, so their responsibilities are balanced alongside their personal commitments, family and social life. If you are a church steward you will know that you rely a great on your organisational strengths and deep reserves of patience! 

Church stewards are required to be members of the Local Church (or supernumerary ministers stationed in the Circuit). Information about the appointment, general responsibilities and particular duties of church stewards can be found in Standing Orders 632-634. Standing Orders can be found in Volume 2 of CPD.