All people in ministry are in a process of lifelong learning. Therefore, once a Local Lay-Pastor is accredited, they need to continue to develop and learn. This should be seen as an exciting opportunity to gain further skills and deepen knowledge. A Local Lay-Pastor may be interested in exploring a particular aspect of their ministry or developing a specialism to support the life of the Circuit.

This development will continue to be overseen by the line-manager, who will work collaboratively with the Local Lay-Pastor to develop opportunities for further development. The further development competencies provide some ideas for this, but should not be seen as limiting the vocation of a Local Lay-Pastor.

The Line-Management Continuing form (LLP-LM-Continuing) provides a framework for capturing these conversations.

An annual review should be conducted by the line-manager to celebrate successes, record learning and identify opportunities for development in the next year. The Line-Management Annual Review form is available to record this (LLP-LM-AnnualReview). A copy of this form should be supplied to Ministries: Vocations and Worship in the Connexional Team.