Welcome to my World

If you have a few spare hours, or even a spare half an hour, now and again, here are some recommendations that Methodists have sent to help us learn about the worlds that they grew up, or live, within.

The recommendations may include some things that make you uncomfortable.

The recommendations do not mean that the Methodists, or the Church as a whole, agree with all that is within them.

These suggestions offer a way of entering somebody else’s world, and learning to understand the life experiences which some other Methodist people live within weekly.

Watching or listening to, or reading some of these resources will give you a ‘doorway’ into another culture and we hope and pray that this will give you some insight and understanding of what other people encounter regularly.

We are siblings, sisters, and brothers together within God’s human family.
Just as we try to understand our own families God also calls us into a wider human family, born in the Spirit.