The following learning and development opportunities have been developed in partnership with Place For Hope.

Growing Through Change and Conflict (previously Growing Through Conflict)

The Growing Through Change and Conflict programme aims to offer support and training to leaders in churches as they try to recognise and respond to conflict.

It is intended to be a ‘foundation’ day by the end of which participants will:

  1. understand how conflict works, in ourselves, our churches and faith communities; and
  2. raise awareness of and experience simple tools to transform conflict.

Dates and links to register for courses can be found by either scrolling down this page, or going to the learning and development events calendar.

Bullying and Harassment

This one day programme promotes good working relationships and ways to manage bullying within the life of our churches and faith communities.

It enables those who participate in the training to consider the dynamics that lead to bullying and harassing behaviour and equips participants with basic skills to become more confident when dealing with people who display such behaviour.

The course builds upon the learning covered by the one-day ‘Growing Through Change and Conflict’ course material.

Dates and links to register for courses can be found by either scrolling down this page, or going to the learning and development events calendar:

Spirituality, Scripture and Conflict

The purpose of this workshop is to deepen our understanding of the impact and wisdom of scripture in transforming conflict, and in transitioning through change.

Our churches and faith communities are experiencing rapid change, which can sometimes result in difficult conversations and conflicted relationships. These experiences would be familiar to the early Christian church, where change and conflict were the norm, and heated conversations were regular occurrences.

What can we learn from scripture about conflict and change? Building on our foundation day ‘Growing through Change and Conflict’, this material explores first an approach to scripture rooted in God’s loving reconciliation in the world, and then secondly offers a way in to bible study rooted in ‘the remembered bible.’

Drawing on our own lived experience of life in our church or faith community, we continue to support all those in our churches and faith communities to be peacemakers in the spirit of the gospel. 

For information on when and where the courses are being run can be found on the learning and development events calendar and by scrolling down to the bottom of this page:


Faith in Change and Conflict – Cliff Certificate

Offered in partnership with Place for Hope and Cliff College.

We know conflict is part of life and can be both creative and destructive. We notice that many people – including those in faith communities – can struggle to find helpful ways to respond to change, transition, tension and difference.

Some structures, cultures, systems and habits can make it difficult for people to hear each other well and relationships may break down. We also know that there is much transformational potential in conflict.

Accepting these realities, and wanting to offer a positive response, Cliff College is delighted to be running this new Short Course Certificate in ‘Faith in Change and Conflict’ in partnership with Place for Hope under the leadership of Martina Hunt along with others from Place for Hope, staff and practitioners.

Knowing there is help and support available can be a great source of hope for those experiencing difficulties and divisions within their congregations and communities, and Place for Hope have a proven record in helping individuals and faith communities find both support and ways through the difficulties. Find out more about the Certificate course on the Cliff College website:

Faith in Change and Conflict course information

Dates for 2023/24

Earlier this year all courses have had Training for Trainer sessions. We are now in the process to set further dates for later in the year, which will be shared on this page in due course. If you're interested in becoming a trainer, you are also invited to attend the Taster Day for which a date will be shared in due course on this webpage. 

Please note:

The costs for most gatherings are covered by the Learning Network, except for the travel costs, which hopefully can be covered by Church/Circuit/District. Faith in Change and Conflict is a Cliff Certificate Course and these costs aren't covered and are therefore the responsibility of the participant. More information can be found on the website of Cliff College (link below). 

Positive Working Together Open Courses

Spirituality, Scripture and Conflict

Wednesday 7th February 2024 (9:30am – 4pm)
Register here
Booking deadline: 24th Jan 2024
Tutors: Delyth Wyn Davies & Patrick Evans

Tuesday 2nd July 2024 (9:30am – 4:pm)
Register here
Booking deadline: 18th June 2024
Tutors: Delyth Wyn Davies & Siggy Parratt - Halbert

Growing through Change and Conflict

Thursday 2nd November 2023 (9:30am – 4pm)
Register here
Booking deadline: 19th October 2023
Tutors: Sharon Rowe & Brec Seaton

Tuesday 23th - Wednesday 24th January 2024 (7- 9.30pm)
Register here
Booking deadline: 9th January 2024
Tutors: Brec Seaton & Suva Catford

Wednesday 17th April 2024 (9:30am – 4pm)
Register here
Booking deadline: 3rd April 2024
Tutors: Gill Thomas & Siggy Parratt - Halbert

Responding to Bullying and Harassment

Monday 13th - Tuesday 14th November 2023 (9:30am - 1pm)
Register here
Booking deadline: 30th October 2023
Tutors: Gill Thomas& Ann Howlett- Foster

Wednesday 12th June 2024 (9:30am – 4pm)
Register here 
Booking deadline: 29th May 2024
Tutors: Jon White & Patrick Evans

Faith in Change and Conflict (in conjunction with Cliff College)

22nd - 25th April 2024 – Part 1 – Residential Session 10:30 start on Mon – Lunchtime finish on Thurs
10th - 13th June 2024 – Part 2 – Residential Session 10:30 start on Mon – Lunchtime finish on Thurs
More information about this Certificate Course, can be found on the website of Cliff College.