Solidarity circles are a way of the Methodist Church supporting people in different diversities of the Church’s life through offering regular on-line opportunities to meet, to support one another, and to raise with relevant Church leaders the concerns that need to be addressed.

The first Solidarity Circles to be established will be:

  • Solidarity Circle for Disability
  • Solidarity Circle for LGBT+
  • Solidarity Circle for Racial Justice
  • Solidarity Circle for Women 

If you have any questions about Solidarity Circles please email equality&diversity@methodistchurch.org.uk 

Terms of Reference for Solidarity Circles in the Methodist Church 

Current Solidarity Circles

Solidarity Circle for Disability

mo-onyettCoordinator: Rev Mo Onyett

I'm Mo Onyett, a probationer presbyter in Leeds South and West Circuit, and coordinator for the Solidarity Circle for Living with Disability. I'm also a disabled person, and a wheelchair user.

I care about inclusion, because each person is valuable to God. Although each person is different, we're made in God's image, and are carriers of God's Holy Spirit.

I hope, that as experts by experience, the Solidarity Circles can offer theological and practical perspectives that will help increase inclusion within the Methodist Church.


Solidarity Circle for LGBT+

pam-goldCoordinator: Pam Gold

Hi I'm Pam Gold. I currently live on the Isle of Man and attend a Methodist chapel there.

I am also an ordained elder with the URC church.

Having been on the wrong and painful end of discrimination in church following my coming out I feel passionately about including all in our faith communities.

In my experience, it's easy to be isolated from other LGBT+ Christians.
I am looking forward to meeting together with the Solidarity Circle members to listen and learn from everyone’s perspective, so that we might speak with one voice.


Solidarity Circle for Racial Justice

kennedy-gondongweCoordinator: Rev Dr Kennedy Gondongwe

My name is Kennedy Gondongwe. I am a presbyter in the Methodist Church in Great Britain and currently stationed in Oldham Circuit

My heart is so close to issues of equality and diversity because I lived in a country that excluded others and often saw people as “them against us.”

My hope is that through our collective ministry we can get to a point where we can say “ I am because you are”.



Solidarity Circle for Women

irene-hayesCoordinator: Irene Hayes

My name is Irene Hayes, I am a local preacher in the North East Somerset and Bath Circuit.

I’m excited to be part of the Solidarity Circle for Women because of my passion for justice and equity for all women.

 I hope that through the circles we can celebrate the rich diversity of people’s experience, learning from one another about what it means to live out our theological conviction that God’s love is for all.