We are really pleased that you want to begin New Places for New People (NPNP). We know that it might feel daunting, but don't worry, you're not on your own. There is plenty of help to get started, drawing on the experiences of pioneers, planters, circuits, and leaders. At the heart of our vision is to see new Christian communities planted that reflect the world in all its beauty and wonder. Beginning an NPNP is different in each context, but there are common practices that will give you the best opportunity to be fruitful. Read more here How to start a New Place for New People

God for All identifies significant match-funded resources to help districts and circuits start NPNPs and Church at the Margins communities with the expectation that starting new communities becomes the norm in your mission planning. Resources will be distributed to each district over four years, enabling decision-making that comes from missional readiness, not rushed urgency and encouraging sustained collaboration between circuits and districts to be bold, dream, pray, plan, and test ideas together. Planning will be rooted in the slower, spiritual practice of mutual discernment. It encourages honesty about resources that circuits and churches can contribute and celebrates a wide diversity of approaches to pioneering and planting emerging from the wisdom and contexts of local communities and leaders.

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April 2024 New Places for New People Update

March 2024 Update

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January 2024 Update

General structure and Connexional Team support of the funding process

The Evangelism and Growth team, which has no project funding authority, will equip and support district/circuit teams in building pioneering and planting strategies. A Project Funding Officer (outside the Evangelism and Growth team) coordinates the funding of the process, reviews project proposals, and makes recommendations to the Mission Committee. The Mission Committee will make decisions on recommendations and provide official oversight. This process seeks a culture change in the way districts and circuits access and steward funding for new Christian communities.  


Starting new Christian communities: A practical guide (click this link to open, download or print, 78 pages) contains a range of materials, including theological foundations and core practices which we believe are crucial to developing an NPNP. You can read, download and print individual chapters of the guide on this page

We have also produced a new district Funding Submission Form to enable districts to claim their share of NPNP funding. We are currently receiving submissions from districts in Tranche 2 of the NPNP programme. For convenience, the district funding chapter from the guide can be accessed here. You may also find this simple budget template helpful.

Deadlines for 2023/2024 submissions and onwards (the deadlines are indicative, you can agree specific submission dates with Julian Bond, Project Funding Officer, and ask him any funding questions: bondj@methodistchurch.org.uk):

When thinking about an NPNP, remember Armed forces communities which might be in or near your circuit/district. What might an NPNP community look like that responded to them? Check the map here to discover if an Armed forces community is near you.


"As we have developed our vision for New Places for New People in the District, the input and constructive support of the Evangelism and Growth Team has been invaluable.  They have helped us clarify our vision, provided advice to deepen our understanding and encouraged us to broaden our horizons." Leslie Newton, Chair, Yorkshire North and East District

"There’s nothing better than conversation for creating a space in which the Spirit can move. The process for me has felt genuinely collaborative, prayerful and connected, full of grace, discernment, seriousness and laughter. If you’re feeling hesitant be reassured." Richard Andrew, Chair of the Darlington District