Leadership Development

A collection of training courses available for those in leadership positions in the Methodist Church.


Appreciative Inquiry: Facilitating Better Conversation


Different from the common tools you might use to help create change and development, Appreciative Inquiry leaves behind looking at problems and finding solutions for them.  Instead it focuses on what works: what are people doing well; what are their strengths; and facilitates good conversations together, building upon what is already working.  No plan based on failings ever went well.

Appreciative Inquiry doesn’t sweep problems under the carpet. Rather it accepts they are there and, while identifying strengths and ‘what works’, it looks at them from a different viewpoint. It really shines when there are difficult conversations to be had, and new plans to make together.  Whatever it is you need to explore, Appreciative Inquiry can help people do this together and in harmony.

So, if you need to help people discover their strengths, draw them together to design a new future built on what they’re good at, and harness the energy they generate to make it happen, then consider adding Appreciative Inquiry to your expertise

Contact Siggy Parratt-Halbert for more details and training dates.