An adventure in bringing the generations together in your church

Have you ever looked at a hallway full of the shoes of visiting family and friends? It might be messy, but it’s a happy mess; a symbol that you are gathered together with those you love and are journeying through life with. One of the joys of being part of God’s people – in times of worship, chatting over coffee or serving alongside one another - is that we can gather in community with people of all different ages – people whose feet have trodden the path before us, and people will be following in our footsteps. It’s not just about children and young people, it’s about intentionally creating space to be a community of faith for every generation together.

All three workshops have now taken place. We shared stories from the ground and explored how to take small steps towards becoming a flourishing and faithful community for all ages. You can watch them again on the Walking Together playlist on The Well Learning Hub YouTube channel or below.