Our objects help us to tell and share our story, history would be very flat if we didn't have these objects as portals to our past. Just about anything can be a heritage object but you might like some guidance on how to care for your objects. 

This guidance is about the moveable objects in your church and not fixed memorials, organs or stained glass windows - these are all part of the fabric of the building. For matters relating to conservation and listed buildings please consult these pages.

We hope to add additional documents to this suite on the implications of managing war memorials.

Historic Artefact Collections Management Policy

The Historic Artefact Collections Management Policy was approved by the Methodist Council in April 2014. It was presented in the context of the achievements and future aspirations of the Heritage Committee against its first three-year development strategy, 2011-14. This policy was the final major piece of work to be completed in that initial strategy. The full report can be read here.