The general Review guidance in Step 4 applies equally to Net Zero Carbon buildings, but environmental Sustainability is an ongoing responsibility. The building’s operation should be as environmentally friendly as possible, so do review sustainability frequently.  Does the latest technology offer new solutions?

You’ll see that there is a close link between Environmental Sustainability and project costs.  Locally sourced materials, locally sourced labour, solar panels and greywater recycling systems may cost more money now (although costs are falling), and increase the project’s overall costs. 

However, in the long term, investing in energy efficiency and generation is likely to save you money through reduced energy costs.  So it is important that a balance is struck. Increasingly, funders are taking their own environmental policies more seriously. You can read what the National Lottery Heritage Fund expects when considering application on their Environmental sustainability requirementThey realise that they have a role to play, so some funders are prepared to offer higher grants for projects using environmentally sustainable products and services.

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