At the heart of all we do and all we are is relationship and communication with God. Schools - and those who work in them, belong to them and get involved in them - are key to our local communities. Therefore, in our individual and corporate prayers, we recognise the importance of praying for schools and their communities. We recognise that God is already at work in all parts of our communities, including our schools, and so we pray that we might notice and recognise God at work in schools and the communities they serve.

We encourage churches to think about how they might pray for individuals and groups within their local schools, through their regular worship, small groups and individual prayer lives. How might they notice God as they pray and what might God be calling churches to do in joining in with others in serving the world around them?

Spoken Word Schools Prayer

Written by Meg Prowting

A Prayer for Schools

God, who leads us on in the journey of faith,
we pray for schools:
for those for whom they are places of learning and growth;
for those for whom they are places of vocation and service.
May we have the faithfulness to pray for them,
              the wisdom to know how to serve them,
              and the humility to contribute to their common life with grace.
              May we all know the blessing of growth,
              and the fulfilment of a life of curiosity, wonder and joy. Amen.

A Prayer

Loving God, thank you for the gift of education and for the opportunity that children & young people have, to learn new things in a safe environment.
We pray for the teaching & support staff working in schools, we ask that you bless them with the strength, patience & excellence that is needed to support the pupils in their care. 
We pray for the most vulnerable pupils in our schools who are living in poverty or are silently suffering.
We ask that you enable the right support to get to them and that they would encounter your love and hope.
Lord, as we explore as a church how we may be able to serve our local schools, we ask for your divine opportunities, your creativity & inspiration, and that you would allow us to reflect your loving kindness towards all who we may encounter. 
In Jesus name, Amen.

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