Sharing stories of ministry

The following are just a small selection of stories of the ways in which, across the Connexion, women and men are responding to the gospel of God’s love in Christ and exercising ministry in and through the Methodist Church. These strands are woven together to form the rich tapestry that is the ministry of the Methodist Church in 21st century Britain.

Testimony – the sharing of stories of faith – has always been a core component of Methodist practice. Since the founding of the first societies, Methodists have gathered to share food and to tell each other about how God is at work in their lives, and how they have chosen to respond.

Perhaps your local church could hold a ‘love feast’ focusing on the theme of ministry, and encourage people to share stories of ministry.

This Time Tomorrow

God and Suffering: The Grenfell Tower Fire 

Chaplaincy Everywhere 

An exploration of calling to three particular expressions of ministry