Surveyors' Panel

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Bruton Knowles 


Lambert Smith Hampton





The lead contact’s details (name, telephone number and email address) for each firm can be found by clicking the logos above. 

As Managing Trustees you will find yourselves needing assistance from professional surveyors regularly on a wide range of issues.  The Team and TMCP have identified 3 firms through a detailed procurement process that have now been trained in Methodist requirements and had an explanation of Our Calling and the Connexional Property Strategy meaning that these firms can offer tailored advice to Methodist Managing Trustees across the connexion. 


All the firms appointed to the panel have the proven skill, expertise and technical knowledge to provide excellent surveying advice to Managing Trustee. The firms have extensive experience in working with charities and other Christian denominations so your surveyors understand the challenges that managing trustees are faced with on a day to day basis.


Moving Forward

In the future there will be regular meetings between the Property Support function of the Connexional Team and the surveyor firms to ensure consistent and high quality advice is being offered and that fees are appropriate for the transactions.  Managing Trustees will be encouraged to provide feedback to the Team on the performance of the firms on the panel.

Managing Trustees are encouraged to utilise the surveyor firms on the panel as not only will these firms be able to offer tailored advice that understands Methodism but fees will be consistent and competitive as firms recognise the scale of property work being undertaken across the connexion.  It is also envisaged that the firms will be able to offer bespoke training as added value at no cost to Managing Trustees.

Whilst it is the intention to refer, recommend, encourage and promote the use of the panel, the Connexional Team and TMCP recognise that this does not mean Managing Trustees cannot continue to use their own professional advisors. 


Added Value

In the past there has been some potential deficiencies and lack of consistency in the quality of surveyors’ advice given to Managing Trustees across the Methodist Connexion.  This has resulted in increased expenditure by trustees and significant delays. 

Some of the key benefits will be:

  • A ‘single point of initial contact’ at each firm who has had training from the Connexional Team and will have ensured their colleagues are appropriately trained.  This single point of initial contact will be able to direct any enquiry to the most appropriate person.
  • The firms will understand the resources available within the Connexional Team, from District Property Secretaries and TMCP so as to ensure they are not charging for advice that is already available.
  • Improved communication and regular reporting between selected surveyor and trustees so there are no last minute issues which could cause delay to transactions.
  • Managing Trustees will be speaking to someone who understands the requirements of the Methodist Church. The panel will understand that Managing Trustees do not regularly deal in these matters and will therefore ensure that clear, comprehensive and understandable advice is given as well as providing continuous support throughout a transaction.
  • Fixed fees will be offered for Quinquennial inspections and qualified surveyors reports as well as other transactions as the number of instructions increase.
  • Provide pragmatic advice that offers a recommendation to the managing trustees to enable them to make an informed decision, but not a long list of options just being offered.
  • Understanding of the Ecclesiastical Exemption and the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee.


Key areas

The panel are asked to provide property advice and services to the managing trustees in the following areas:

  • Quinquennial Property Surveys.
  • Qualified Surveyor Reports for disposals of property or land.
  • Building Surveys.
  • Party Wall and Boundary agreement disputes.
  • Development advice to Trustees to investigate, assess and achieve the redevelopment of whole or part church sites highlighting the steps and process and the risks and opportunity involved.
  • Development Feasibility Appraisals to include initial architectural studies, planning summary, financial appraisals and pre application discussions.
  • Community Business Developments including community engagement and use surveys and applying for and securing grant funding.
  • Planning advice and appraisals
  • Listed building experience and expertise or at least a good understanding of Listed Building issues and previous experience of working with Listed Building specialists as appropriate.
  • Project Management for refurbishment, extension, redevelopment or other construction projects.
  • Quantity Surveying.
  • Advice on energy conservation initiatives.
  • Lease Renewals and rent reviews.
  • All aspects of building compliance including health and safety and equality.


Trustee’s expectations

  • To be provided with all advice and assistance, in clear and concise language without the use of jargon and in writing.  Being offered an informed opinion and recommendation, not just a list of options.
  • A professional service, which is capable of dealing with all aspects of an instruction and case, throughout the entire lifetime of a matter.
  • To carry out all property work to a professional standard in accordance with the prescribed standards and procedures of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and any other applicable regulatory body for building and property related matters.
  • To be able to raise concerns about a firm with the Team in order to seek to have this concern addressed either during the transaction or afterwards to ensure the same issue does not arise for other trustees. The firms should be able to demonstrate innovation on price and services offered. 
  • Ensure clarity and transparency in client billing, fee structures and disbursements. The Services should be delivered with a view to minimising cost.


For more in depth information about each of the firms on the panel and the services they offer, Managing Trustees can click on the logos below which will take you to a page dedicated to each firm. Please note that the firms are listed below in alphabetical order and not in any order of preference. By clicking on the logos below you will also find the contact details for the lead person overseeing Methodist transactions at each firm as well as the locations of their offices.