Principles to Safeguard LGBT+ Lives

The Methodist Church has signed up to the Safeguarding principles of the Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT+ Lives


Principles to Safeguard LGBT+ Lives

1. Empowerment

We believe all individuals are made in the image of God, whom many call the Divine, and should be free to live a life of dignity consistent with their sexuality and gender identity within their faith communities without fear or judgement.

2. Prevention

We believe that we have a duty of care towards all LGBT+ people and so we commit ourselves to listen to the experiences of our LGBT+ members in order to identify and eradicate any harmful practice that inhibits the flourishing of us all.

3. Proportionality

We recognise that for too long the needs of our LGBT+ members have often been ignored and side-lined, and so we commit to ensuring that LGBT+ people are always given fair voice.

4. Protection

We recognise that many LGBT+ people face significant discrimination, rejection and hatred, and so we commit to work to protect all LGBT+ people from harm, wherever it occurs in both religious and secular contexts.

5. Partnership

We recognise that for too long those of us who are LGBT+ have been excluded from decisions that impact our lives and so we commit to always work in partnership so that together we can prevent, detect and report spiritual abuse.

6. Accountability

We believe that no one is above the law and that there must always be transparency in all areas of safeguarding and so commit to work with our LGBT+ members to regularly monitor progress.