1 We are not our own. Earth forms us,
human leaves on nature’s growing vine,
fruit of many generations,
seeds of life divine.

2 We are not alone. Earth names us:
past and present, peoples near and far,
family and friends and strangers
show us who we are.

3 Through a human life God finds us;
dying, living, love is fully known,
and in bread and wine reminds us:
we are not our own.

4 Therefore let us make thanksgiving,
and with justice, willing and aware,
give to earth, and all things living,
liturgies of care.

5 And if love’s encounters lead us
on a way uncertain and unknown,
all the saints with prayer surround us:
We are not alone.

6 Let us be a house of welcome,
living stone upholding living stone,
gladly showing all our neighbours
we are not our own!

Brian Wren © 1989 Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England, www.stainer.co.uk for the world excluding USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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