Rural Mission Sunday 2020 takes place on 19 July - or whenever it is helpful for you to mark it. This year, the organisers have provided a number of tools for reflection - and have taken the theme "Heaven in Ordinary" for us to think about:

"... we want to create space for you to stop and ‘notice God’ in a new way, to find, in George Herbert’s glorious phrase, ‘heaven in ordinary’."

Visit the Arthur Rank Centre to explore their resources worship, wherever you are able to experience it this year. They draw upon Bible passages from the books of Exodus and Acts, and the Gospel of Matthew.

The Arthur Rank Centre feel passionately about the importance of small rural churches: they know rural churches do mission and want to celebrate that fact. With that in mind, Rural Mission Sunday was an initiative that began in 2016.

It provides a real opportunity for rural churches to celebrate who they are and give thanks for their community. At the present time, The Arthur Rank Centre has also been producing a series of weekly reflections in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.