About the Learning Network

The Learning Network’s role is to equip and resource the Church through a wide range of contextually relevant learning and development opportunities. Sharing responsibility with others within the Connexional Team and key stakeholders within the districts, circuits and churches, the Learning Network works primarily with lay and ordained church leaders equipping them as they in turn seek to equip all God’s people.

The overall aim of the Learning Network is to support, encourage and inspire Methodist people in all aspects of Our Calling as together we seek to be an inclusive, justice seeking and evangelistic church.

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The Learning Network operates as a single team across The Connexion. The team consists of a number of Learning and Development Officers managed by a team of six Learning and Development Managers in geographical staff groups. Each district has a named aligned Learning and Development Officer to enable the team to better listen, communicate and respond to the learning and development needs at a district, circuit and church level.

You can access the team information including the aligned districts here (coming soon). 

The Learning Network's work is developed from what comes out of the Conference, either directly or together with other parts of the Connexional Team, and what comes up from the grassroots across the wider church . We work together connexionally in delivering on-line and in-person learning and development opportunities as well as delivering learning opportunities on a local level.

The Learning and Development Managers work closely with the Head of Ministries and Learning to coordinate the work of the Team with support from the Senior Administrator.




Richard Armiger
Head of Ministries and Learning
Contact Richardarmigerr@methodistchurch.org.uk | 020 7467 5295





Funmi Oyedokun
Senior Administrator for Learning & Development
Contact Funmi | oyedokunf@methodistchurch.org.uk | 020 7467 3533 


Learning Network Managers





Lorraine Darlow 
Learning Development Manager
Contact Lorraine | darlowl@methodistchurch.org.uk | 07799 900471 







Delyth Wyn Davies
Learning Development Manager
Contact Delyth | daviesd@methodistchurch.org.uk | 07799 902576  






Rachel McCallam
Learning Development Manager
Contact Rachel | mccallamr@methodistchurch.org.uk | 07799 900478  





Alison Ransome
Learning Development Manager
Contact Alison | ransomea@methodistchurch.org.uk | 07799 900474  







Tricia Mitchell
Learning Development Manager
Contact Tricia | mitchellt@methodistchurch.org.uk | 07799 900454  







Katie Deadman-Vernall
Learning Development Manager
Contact Katie | deadmank@methodistchurch.org.uk | 07799 902571 

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