Take notice and live in the present

Often, because we are so busy, we don't stop to take notice or appreciate the good things that come our way each day. However, if we consciously take time to appreciate the small things in life which give us pleasure, we will be nourished and energised. This approach is sometimes referred to as developing mindfulness, and the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University has some helpful ideas to help us pause and take notice in our daily, busy lives.

Turning negative thinking about our past, present and future into positive thinking can enhance living in the present - see how that can happen.

Other simple ways of pausing and taking notice which you might wish to consider are:

Taking on board some good mental health tips, which you can find here.

Taking regular breaks - not only will we feel better for a break, but our work is often more productive after we take it

Balancing work and home life - this is easier said than done, particularly for those in ministry, where this is what we 'are' rather than what we 'do'. The Work Life Balance Centre offers two tools to help you understand your particular work/life balance issues better and make changes to improve them. These are 'Lifewheel' and 'Past Patterns'

Varying your daily routine - for example take a walk through a park rather than drive to your destination

Deal positively with stress - it is important to take steps to positively manage the stresses we experience so that we feel more in control of them. Click here for tips about how we can do this.

Click here for more information about the importance of maintaining balance in our daily lives.

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