Connect with others

Although a few people may be happy to live on a desert island, most need company and meaningful social interaction.

Research indicates that social contact with others is a key aspect of wellbeing. Here are some simple ideas:

  • Develop a supportive network of family and friends - whether we are single or married we benefit from the support and company of other people. Numerous studies show that we benefit enormously from having a good network of friends
  • Nurture your relationship with God - as Christians we have a wonderful source of nurture and support in our daily practices of prayer, reflection and Bible reading. These days, there are some really good on line resources for prayer and Bible study, not least those available on the Methodist website
  • Take up opportunities for social interaction in and outside work - studies of people who work from home indicate that the casual and unplanned 'water cooler' conversations are highly valued by workers, and are missed when they work in isolation. If you work largely on your own, how can you build into your day opportunities for casual social interaction like this?

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