Historic data archive

The Connexional Team publishes yearly statistics with figures submitted by local churches during the annual data collection. These include figures on membership and attendance as well as other semi-regular or one-off information, for example on church groups and various activities. 

The latest reports are available on the 2020 statistics reports page whereas this section contains recent and historic Connexion-wide as well as bespoke reports on specific subjects as well as on membership and attendance movements and trends.

PLEASE NOTE: The annual reports show the membership and attendance of the societies reported as active (or “open”) at the time the statistics snapshot was recorded. This means that e.g. the total 2018 membership figure in the 2018 report differs from the total 2018 membership figure in the 2019 report as the more recent report does not include societies that have ceased to meet, become a class or merged during the latest statistical year. The total Connexional membership figure for 2018 as per the statistical report published for the 2019 Conference is therefore 173,019, reflecting the membership of the 4,210 societies at that time. In the current report, the 2018 membership figure is listed as 169,351. This is the membership figure of the societies reported as active as of 1/11/2019, which are 110 fewer than at the time of the 2018 count. 

If you need further clarification, or are looking for particular information not included here, please contact Online Suite Support.

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