Resources from the 2016 conference


The 2016 Conference, held at Cliff College from 4th to 5th June, drew together members of District Reconciliation Groups and other interested individuals from across the Connexion.

Please click here to download a PDF version of the Conference Further Help and Reading List.


Keynote Talks

To download a pdf of the graphic recording, created to capture the keynote talks at the conference, click here.


Difficult Conversations

This workshop explored how - through self-awareness, active listening, appreciative inquiry and open-mindedness - we can play our part in co-creating positive and generative dialogue.

To download the workshop PowerPoint Presentation, click here.

You can also download PDF versions of the handouts, given out during the workshop:

Handout 1: Listening

Handout 2: Effective Conversations

Handout 3: Questions

Worksheet: Reframing Exercise

The workshop facilitators also recommend watching this excellent TED Talk from Celeste Headlee (length 11m44).

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