Online data entry guidance

The data collection for 2019 has now ended. The final figures will be made available on these pages in due course. 

Go to the Methodist Online Suite of Applications to enter your church's annual statistics, update office holders and edit your church's profile:

  • Data entry guidance

    Help manual for the 2019 statistics collection.

  • 2019 Statistics form for downloading and printing

    Please note that the statistics need to be submitted online; however, these forms are there to make the actual data collection easier.

  • Attendance schedule template

    Recording detailed October attendance is currently not required but congregations may want to use this for their own purposes.

  • Reporting a change of church status

    What to do in case of a society ceasing to meet ("closure"), a society becoming a class of another church, a merger of two or more societies as well as the termination of an LEP. See also: Reporting a church merger.

  • Reporting a church merger

    Detailed guidance for reporting the merger of one or more societies. See also: Reporting a change of church status.

  • Registration and Login guidance

    Information for new users of the Methodist Online Suite of Applications.

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