50 days to let your life speak

dd-50-days-to-make-your-life-speak-021350 days to let your life speak: a free downloadable resource for the season of Easter.

This provides seven sessions of material for a whole church to have conversation in small groups all together around worship during the season of Easter in an 'American style' Sunday school.

In these small groups participants will:

  • learn a little of each other
  • listen to God through different ways of praying
  • practise spiritual reading of Scripture together
  • commit to a risky venture of love for others during the week, which they will have the opportunity to talk about the following week.

Download the sessions below (Pdf format)

Introductory Notes for Leaders 
Introductory Notes for Participants  

Week one 
Week two 
Week three 
Week four 
Week five 
Week six 
Week seven  
Week eight