Ministers wishing to be received into Full Connexion

For many years the British Methodist Church has welcomed those who are ordained and in good standing with other Churches to work formally on its behalf. However for the next 2 years, it has been decided that the British Methodist Church will not be accepting any new applications.


Before making an application, please ensure you have read and considered all the information below.

Ordained ministers of other conferences and other Christian churches can apply to be received into Full Connexion with the British Methodist Conference (ie to transfer fully and permanently into the Methodist Church in Britain). In most cases applicants for reception into Full Connexion will be already serving in some capacity in the Methodist Church in Britain.


Current Application Deadline

For any applicants seeking to move from ‘Recognised and Regarded’ to Full Connexion, completed application forms must be received by 30th  August in any year.


Application Pack - To request an Application Pack please email


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