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JMA Collectors Record Sheet

This booklet is for you to record the names of people who will sponsor you as you collect for mission through JMA.

After you print it, simply fold along the dotted lines. An extra column has been added to the “Week” column to cater for longer months, which go over four weeks. The Record Sheet only needs to be printed out once every four months.

  • Ask people at your church, as well as friends and relatives, to give a regular donation to JMA. This donation could be a small amount given each week/month, or a larger amount given once a year. Write their name in the subscribers’ column with the amount they are willing to give.
  • Put your name down too and try to give some of your own pocket money. A few pence (5p or 10p) each week soon mounts up!
  • Your JMA secretary will collect the money you have received from your sponsors. Make a special time to give the money in regularly, e.g. the first Sunday of the month, or whichever is the most suitable for everyone concerned.

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